Calculating osmotic pressure

In this page, you will learn how to calculate osmotic pressure using van't hoff equation.

Let's calculate osmotic pressure solving example question.



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Osmotic pressure formula

Osmotic pressure Π [Pa] is calculated by following formula (van't hoff equation).

\[ \Pi V = nRT \]

In this formula, each character means as follows.

Osmotic pressure [Pa]
Volume of the solution [L]
Number of all moles of solutes [mol]
Ideal gas constant(8.31×103 [Pa L K-1 mol-1])
Absolute temperature [K]

Be careful of substituting n with the number of "all moles of solutes." If solutes is electrolytic, you should consider it.

For example, when 1 mol of NaCl is dissolved in water, NaCl ionize into Na+ and Cl, so the number of "all moles of solutes" is 2 mol.

NaCl → Na+ + Cl

You will notice that this osmotic pressure formula is the similar form as ideal gas law (pV=nRT).

Calculating osmotic pressure

Let's calculate osmotic pressure using the previous formula.


In water, 58.5 g of sodium chloride is dissolved, and the volume of solution is 1 L. Calculate osmotic pressure of this solution at 27 ℃.

NaCl = 58.5 [g mol-1], so you can know dissolved NaCl is 1 mol, but the number of "all moles of solutes" in water is 2 mol because NaCl ionize into Na+ and Cl.

V = 1 [L]
n = $ \frac{58.5 \, \text{g}}{58.5 \, \text{g}\,\text{mol}^\text{-1}} \times 2 $ = 2 [mol]
R = 8.31×103 [Pa L K-1 mol-1]
T = (273 + 27) = 300 [K]

Substituting these values for \[ \Pi V = nRT \] then \begin{align*} \Pi \cdot 1 &= 2 \cdot (8.31 \times 10^3) \cdot 300 \\ \Pi &= 5.0 \times 10^6 \, \mathrm{[Pa]} \end{align*}

The result of question is 50 times as high as atmospheric pressure (≈ 105 Pa). You will know osmotic pressure is very high.

By the way, NaCl can be all dissolved in this question because the solubility of NaCl is 35.9g/100g(water) at 25 ℃.

You can learn the process of osmosis from the following button (written in Japanese).